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An excellent design creates a successful fluid product. One that gives simple, engaging and delightful experience to the users. we strongly believe everything that influences the user is a part of the UX UI design.

Being a UI UX design company, we dig deep to create beautiful and functional designs. Our focus is to find solutions that cater to clients needs and situations. We achieve this by designing a clean, intuitive and friendly user interface for the end-user.



  • E-Commerce
  • iOS & Android
  • USA

The app is connected to 1 million merchants, making it easier for users to find stylish clothes. The user can view the photos, watch videos, read reviews to find affordable goods on the app. The app helps the user to choose the product, purchase it securely and then sit back to track the purchases.

Mini in the box


  • E-Commerce
  • iOS & Android
  • Europe

From cool gadgets to lifestyle products, the app enlists everything that satisfies over 10 million customers worldwide. Our client wanted to put an extra emphasis on the app’s UI-UX. We built a solid architecture with an intuitive interface that easily taps into an amazing line of products



  • Taxi
  • iOS & Android
  • Russia

We have developed an innovative technology to book a taxi which made the booking of a taxi quick, easy and modern. Our product helped millions of people to save money during city and intercity trips.

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The portfolio highlights the capabilities of our UI UX designer through our recently displayed projects. We are a thriving UI UX design agency who knows how to deliver high-quality experiences to the users.

UX design process: a step by step overview

The UX process is about determining the usability and desirability of the product: be it an app or Website. UX design remains at the core of our services. We devote time to understand clients’ needs and targeted audience. The teamwork on every design element that offers both style and substance.

Our UX design services are broken down into 6 simple steps.

Fitness app for fitness freaks

A well-crafted fitness app that can work as your personal trainer at a free cost. The users can track customized fitness goals with an intuitive interface. From tracking calories to insert different physical activities, the app does it all.

More tasks, fewer taps

Technology has given us a one-tap access world. So we design the workflow to make the most of this! The workflow of this food app combines a bunch of steps into a single tap. Result? The user saves time and effort every day. Besides, the app has a well-designed user interface that loads all the elements very quickly. To save time, the app displays all the relevant items as soon as the user opens the app. The app smartly curates an interesting list of products based on users demographics, time of the day and order history. With integrated AI and GPS functionality, the app predicts the user’s need quickly.

UI design process: a step by step overview

UI is all about achieving the user’s expectations through visual elements. Our UI design services: broken down into three easy steps.

  • Mood Board

    Creating an excellent interface design is no walk in the park. At this stage, the team help the stakeholders clarify the usage of particular elements. It helps the client understand the visual approach used. We begin the design only after ensuring the client’s objective is fulfilled through each used element.

  • Visual Design

    Visual Design Picking all the aesthetics pointers, we begin the process of creating actual visual elements. The focus is to create a design that's aligned with clients and users expectations.

  • Usability Testing

    User testing and analysis trace any unforeseen issue that can be tackled beforehand. By putting the design under rigorous testing, we ensure the end-user gets an intuitive app

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