Refund Policy

Cancellation policy

Justdev Infotech provide an extensive portfolio of work to our clients. Also, our development/designing team will be on a trial period for the first two weeks.

So that the quality of our work can be checked beforehand.

Our goal is to offer high-quality services. In order to help us in that pursuit, we require to cover expenses and fuel our operations.

We try to be fair, transparent and follow a no fuss cancellation policy.

We expect our clients to follow the cancellation process if they wish to discontinue with us. All cancellation requests should be sent to our billing department or communicated to your Account Manager.

The cancellation will not be valid until it is confirmed by the respective department.

Cancellation requests will be considered only when the request is made within 12 hours of placing the order and execution of the project has not started already.

Either of the party cannot transfer or fully cancel the service without giving any prior notice of at least 10 days.

Justdev Infotech will not be held responsible for any third party services such as API’s, CMS and others.

Refund policy

We do not guarantee any refunds upon cancellation due to the nature of the services.

If a project is cancelled or postponed by the client, we follow a non-refundable policy. Justdev Infotech will not be held responsible for any refund claims thereof.

We begin the project once the advance deposit which is the security amount is paid.

In the case of the monthly payment, it is understood that payment for next month is released only after reviewing the current month’s performance.

If you have any questions, please contact us before making the payment for your project

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